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Yo-Ho-Ho! Happy National Rum Day!


Nat Rum Day

Festive greetings to you on this August 16, 2013; National Rum Day! Social media and the internet are abuzz with posts, stories and blurbs about rum. …. I ran across a nice one by Joe Satran at Huffington Post Taste (@HuffPostTaste) about the right rum for mojitos within moments of launching my browser today. There are numerous rum-centric accounts and blogs that I follow where you can be inspired with recipes or learn history… or shop for rum-themed apparel. Here is a rundown of some of my favorites: Read the rest of this entry

Rum Ball Goodness


For all the years of holiday baking there has been a consistent must-have on my list: the rum ball. If you are fan then you covet the section of the cookie tray holding little bites of the “spirit of Christmas”. If you’re fortunate, you get a tin of them for your very own self.

The recipe I traditionally used called for the typical crushed cookies, nuts, cocoa and rum. But it used light corn syrup and was not very easy to handle. Sticky and gooey, it required hand washing after every 10 or so rum balls were rolled.

This year Uncommon Caribbean shared a “Bad-Ass Cruzan Rum Balls” recipe with a few differences that I was looking forward to trying. Read the rest of this entry