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Mexican Riviera – Photojourney at the Maya

Mexican Riviera –  Photojourney at the Maya

One evening on our Mexican Riviera vacation, after the rain stopped, we took a walk around the Iberostar Playa Paraiso Resort.  Just wandered.  Here is what we saw.

The buildings of the Maya are colorful. At every turn through the courtyards there are little Mayan themed details; intricately patterned stones in the walkways, statues, fountains and gardens.

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Mexican Riviera – Back From the Maya!


Hola!   This post is overdue.  I admit it.  I told you we were  going here.… and now it’s been more than two months since we’ve been home from Mexico… It took me  for. ev. er. to get through vacation withdrawal.  I only recently put the luggage away (I know… “slacker.”).  And the little bag of souvenir sand from Tulum had been sitting on the table… waiting. Patiently.     Read the rest of this entry