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Saltwater and My Soul


“Lulled by the gentle, hypnotic rhythm of the surf, humbled by the vast number of stars in the sky.” – Me

Mexico – June 2009

We arrive at the resort in the late afternoon. The usual check-in process, and then off for dinner and a walk through the grounds to see what is new. It doesn’t matter which path we take or direction we walk. The destination is the same;  the beach.  Back home, humidity of this level would be cause for complaint. But here, on the beach the air isn’t “humid” it is somehow silky and of the sea.  The wind is strong – almost pushing its way into my lungs. “Breathe me in!”  The sound of the water is roaring – we can’t see the beach yet, but the sound is there. Calling us to continue down the boardwalk. Read the rest of this entry