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Pucks and Palm Trees


Pucks… and palm trees.

Today is the first day of Fall.  I woke up to a brisk 46F here in Chicagoland. (That’s just a mere 14 degrees above freezing in case you needed the math done.) So, why am I excited about it…? Because it’s just a short NINE more days until the official start of pro hockey.  Chicago Blackhawks Hockey. Woohoo!

……and how do you jump from cold, icy hockey to tropical heat and palm trees, you ask? Good times with Hockey fans. That’s how.



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The Wonder of Sea Things

The Wonder of Sea Things

Like offerings at a palm alter, remnants of sea life that have washed ashore hug the base of each tree in a perfect decorative way. Salty and sandy and sun baked,  they were placed there by the owner of this Cayman Island rental villa to be explored and admired just as much as they are for decoration. The color and textures really captured my interest. My macro lens begged me to look closer at the intricate details. Amazing!  Take a look….  Read the rest of this entry