I Go Back: Oahu – Beach Motivation


I recently told you about my trip to Oahu in 2009.  At the time of that trip I was newly on a fitness regimen.  Let me  also tell you that by nature I just am not one of those that works out on vacation. So it’s anyone’s guess why I opted to pack sneakers and my Sigg bottle for this trip.

But, I did.

I’m so glad I did.

Between the time zone difference and that Reveille comes in loud and clear across the water at o’-way-too-early hours in the morning, I was awake and ready to roll at the crack of dawn. My friend’s kids had school in the morning, so I had the first couple of hours a day to myself.

So, I went for a walk.

The neighborhood where my friend lived, Iroquois Point in Ewa Beach, has a path that winds around  a lagoon.  The quiet of the morning, with the water still, the palms and mountains in the distance are a perfect backdrop to a morning walk.

Just at the end of the street is a little pier. Standing there looking across the water– which is the entrance to Pearl Harbor– is Hickam Air Force Base.   Ah ha.  I realized then why the military wake up call was so clear.  Kinda cool too (for a civilian).

Following the path and wandering down a few streets  I  randomly smell this intoxicating floral fragrance… then I spot the plumeria (Frangipani) trees… blossoms had fallen to the yards as if scattered there waiting for Hawaiian royalty to walk by.  Or maybe they were there for me.

I made a point to pick some up every morning.

I came to this sign. So I followed it.

Wouldn’t you?

This became the planned route for the rest of the week. Some days I would walk around the lagoon first. On others, I went straight down the street to this sign. Either way the beach became the destination. Hey… you have to do these things when you can.  That is motivation.

I knew it was the right plan as palm trees welcomed me to the beach.

Walking in the sand added a different element to my morning “workout”.  But, this was also a vacation… after a walk up one side of the beach and back, I gave in.  They put these chairs here for a reason. It would have been rude to ignore them.

This usually felt like the right time to call my husband and check in with his day back home… yes, I would make sure he knew I was calling him from on the beach.

I’m a giver that way.

The view was varied; some planes taking off and landing at the airport or maybe a submarine making its way into Pearl Harbor… or the Honolulu skyline. (I prefer the Chicago skyline for buildings, truth be told, but for an island, this one is pretty good too. <wink>)

For my “cool down”, what better way to bring down my heart rate than to let it sync with the waves rolling in? I can’t think of one.

With each wave, a breath… in… out. Sand on the Brain… saltwater in my soul.

About Jorie

🌴 An Island dreamer with a passion for palm trees and Caribbean turquoise water. Few things speak to my soul like having my feet in the sand on the coast of somewhere amazing with salty wind blowing through my hair. 🌴 🌴 Sandonthebrain is my way to hold that feeling all the rest of the days when I am not on an island. My collection of sand and affinity for rum, and island flavors helps to take me back...until the next trip. 🌴

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