Mexican Riviera – Photojourney at the Maya

Mexican Riviera –  Photojourney at the Maya

One evening on our Mexican Riviera vacation, after the rain stopped, we took a walk around the Iberostar Playa Paraiso Resort.  Just wandered.  Here is what we saw.

The buildings of the Maya are colorful. At every turn through the courtyards there are little Mayan themed details; intricately patterned stones in the walkways, statues, fountains and gardens.

The gardens are immaculate. There are workers who keep everything trimmed and tended. And when you walk by they greet you with an “Hola!” and a smile.

I have a weakness for tropical flowers; hibiscus for sure. And palm trees… all shapes and sizes.

There is the shopping plaza with its fountains and chapel and gazebo in the center of the square. A handful of little shops to get a souvenir.

And then there is the beach. The next day with the sun shining down, making the water glimmer, we went back to the beach where I could play in the sand.

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    • Played with a new theme just recently. Was time to switch things up.

      ❤ Hibiscus! They are the shrubs around the pool at the resort and I’ve watched the landscapers just trim them… Blooms and all!… Because they grow so profusely! (And you bet I go “rescue” stray blooms when that happens. Even if I only enjoy them for the day 😊).

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