Wish I Could Blame it on Trade Winds


I wish I could blame it on trade winds; those calendar pages have just blown by!! Sadly, the passing time has been eaten up instead by too much time at the office. When I have busted the shackles and escaped from said cubicle I have pretty much just vegged out at home.

One thing I have accomplished in the last year is booking plenty of time perusing the Internet. I’ve gone from barely knowing the term “blog” in 2008, to starting one in 2009 (hey, signing up and naming a page is a start, right?)…   and in 2010 I started reading many blogs out there. Such variety! I’ve come to realize I don’t have to go to great lengths to write a post. Somewhere a bit beyond a tweet would still be okay.

I’ve just located a blogging ap from WordPress (Duh. Of course there is an ap for that.) So as the idea strikes me – no matter where I am – I can start to craft those little grains into a new post. This very entry is a test drive… so far it’s cornering pretty well.

Regardless of my activity (um, or lack thereof), don’t for a moment think I have cleared the sand on my brain. Alas, even from the grey confines of my office I always have one toe in the water. Mentally if nothing more.


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  1. I just started blogging as a passion but it has turned into so much more. Have met some great people and seen some amazing things. Looking forward to the future!


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