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Beach in a Bottle


Do you know Jim Croce’s “Time in a Bottle“? (You Tube of this song)  Granted, I was just a wee toddler when it came on the radio, but it’s an old favorite of mine. For one thing, I actually “never seem to have enough time, to do the things I want to do, once I find them”.  (Take note: this rather meek blog of mine.)  Then too, the idea of capturing time in a bottle somehow rings true to most people. Doesn’t it?  Imagine your sweetest memories… who wouldn’t want to preserve them.  And there never really is  enough time. So it seems, with Sand on the Brain as I have it… that I save time in the form of Beach in a Bottle.  It must be the Psammophile in me.

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Wish I Could Blame it on Trade Winds


I wish I could blame it on trade winds; those calendar pages have just blown by!! Sadly, the passing time has been eaten up instead by too much time at the office. When I have busted the shackles and escaped from said cubicle I have pretty much just vegged out at home.

One thing I have accomplished in the last year is booking plenty of time perusing the Internet. I’ve gone from barely knowing the term “blog” in 2008, to starting one in 2009 (hey, signing up and naming a page is a start, right?)…  Read the rest of this entry