Beach in a Bottle


Do you know Jim Croce’s “Time in a Bottle“? (You Tube of this song)  Granted, I was just a wee toddler when it came on the radio, but it’s an old favorite of mine. For one thing, I actually “never seem to have enough time, to do the things I want to do, once I find them”.  (Take note: this rather meek blog of mine.)  Then too, the idea of capturing time in a bottle somehow rings true to most people. Doesn’t it?  Imagine your sweetest memories… who wouldn’t want to preserve them.  And there never really is  enough time. So it seems, with Sand on the Brain as I have it… that I save time in the form of Beach in a Bottle.  It must be the Psammophile in me.

Psammophile? No, I had never heard of it before either, but you never know what you’re going to learn while you surf the internet. (The term would later be a source of Dr Seuss-like inspiration).

On that day, I was on the International Sand Collectors Society web page –the existence of a society was in itself a surprise. The term was defined as a major study of beach erosion or geological review of the makeup of various sands … But it can also be a simple, enjoyable hobby. There you go. That’s what it is for me. A souvenir of places that, later, I can hold in my hand and imagine being back to.

The idea of putting sand in a bottle was something I first saw in a magazine or catalogue… I can’t remember which… nor can I find it to go back and look at once more. There was a picture of a display in a little shadow box-style frame with about 5 or 6 slender little glass bottles filled with sand. Each was labeled with a little tag indicating the place of origin, tied with a string around the neck of the bottle. Somehow that picture just clicked with me. But now, to know there were actual Sand Collectors… I was on to something. I buy little glass, corked bottles whenever I find them now.

From then on I would decide to bring a little bit of sand home with me from each beach trip I would make. I only wish the idea had come to me years ago… There are several places that should be represented in my collection. I guess I’ll have to go back to each of them someday.

I’ve read that some of you also bring home a little beach from your trips. What do you do with your sand… your Time in a Bottle?

Next time: I’ll tell you about the process of bringing home sand. We’ll have a few chuckles.

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